Is This Facebook Post Advertising Jobs at Pepsi?

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A Facebook post published on January 8 claims to be advertising jobs at Pepsi.

According to the post, the Pepsi company is allegedly recruiting for a January 2021 intake in various positions.


Piga Firimbi has recently looked into similar social media posts impersonating popular organizations, while advertising fake January 2021 recruitment programs. Ads for jobs at Coca Cola, Quickmart and Naivas are among those debunked.

It is important to note that data previously collected in such dubious circumstances has been used in spam campaigns in addition to being used to enrol unsuspecting users to premium-rate messaging services that cost them money.


The post advertising jobs at Pepsi contains a link directing applicants to a Google document. Instructions on the Google document further directs applicants to click an ‘enter now’ prompt which leads to a website that turns out to have been registered in the Cayman Islands. Results from a WhoIs search of the website show that it was registered under an organization called ‘GoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands Ltd’.

The alleged job advertisement has also not been published on Pepsi Company’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts or its website.
Responding to Piga Firimbi’s query, Pepsi Company said that the job advertisement is not from them, adding that it is “indeed is a scam” as legitimate job advertisements are normally posted on the Careers page found on the Pepsi website.


The Facebook post claiming to advertise jobs at Pepsi is FAKE.

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