Is This Ad for Jobs at Naivas Supermarket Legitimate?

This link circulated on WhatsApp claims that Naivas Supermarket is hiring 1,500 people in January 2023. The link redirects you to a Google Form where you can apply for the supposed positions.


Unemployment is an issue that has bedeviled many people in the country. According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2022 Economic Survey report, the unemployment rate in Kenya reduced from 6.6% in 2020 to 6.2%in 2021. This improvement was due to the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions. This difference, however, does not mean we are out of the red. Around 36% which translates to about 10.1 million of the country’s 28 million population in the workforce are out of jobs. Of the 10.1 million, 2.5 million are actively looking for work while 7.6 million are inactive; they have given up on looking or do not need jobs. 

Piga Firimbi has previously debunked fake claims on job advertisements here, here, and here.


The link has not been shared on Naivas Supermarket’s official Twitter handle nor has it been shared on their Facebook page.

The link redirects you to a Google Document bearing an image used in the legitimate accounts run by the retail company. However, as soon as you begin the application process, you are asked to send a registration fee of Sh300 to be paid to Human Resources with the promise of a refund if you do not qualify and that the candidates that have paid will be considered for shortlisting. 

Piga Firimbi reached out to Naivas Supermarket through direct message on Twitter, who dismissed the link as fake, clarifying that they do not have any job openings and that if they did, they do not charge for recruitment.


The link advertising job opportunities at Naivas Supermarket is FAKE.

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