Is This Post Advertising Jobs at Kenya Ports Authority Legitimate?

This image circulating on WhatsApp shows an advertisement for 5,815 job vacancies purportedly from the Kenya Ports Authority. The post is detailed from the number of vacancies per department to the qualifications that one must have to be considered for the job. The image was also shared on Twitter, with people questioning the legitimacy of the advert.


The Kenya Ports Authority, founded in 1978, is a state corporation tasked with the responsibility to maintain, operate, improve and regulate all scheduled seaports on the Indian Ocean coastline of Kenya. Scammers previously created a fake KPA  job advertisement that was debunked by Piga Firimbi here.

The annual average inflation rate as of September 2022 stood at 6.81% with the 12- month inflation at 9.18% according to data from the Central Bank of Kenya.  With these tough economic times, Kenyans are getting desperate to provide for their families and fraudsters are taking advantage of this to scam people of whatever little they have.


The advertisement is not on the Kenya Ports Authority website, their official Twitter handle or Facebook page.

According to the post, applicants are apparently to send their documents to The domain name for this email address is different from the one used by KPA that ends with The Kenya Ports Authority, through a tweet, dismissed the advert as fake.


The post claiming to advertise jobs at the Kenya Ports Authority is FAKE.

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