Is This Post Advertising Jobs at Kenya’s Ministry of Defense?

A Facebook post containing an image that claims to advertise jobs at Kenya’s Ministry of Defense was published on January 14.

Attached to the post is a link where candidates are directed to submit their applications.


Social media has been rife with fake posts advertising January 2021 recruitments at some of the most popular companies, posing a threat to unsuspecting users who could be exposed to identity theft, conmanship, device malware among other repercussions. Some of these fake ads that have been debunked by Piga Firimbi include posts for jobs at Naivas and Quickmart supermarkets, as well as ads at Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Users are therefore advised to ensure they visit organizations’ websites to view job opportunities than rely on social media posts from unverified accounts.


The link attached to the Facebook post advertising jobs at Kenya’s Ministry of Defense directs applicants to a Google form that requires them to fill in their phone numbers, among other details.

A previous fact-check by Piga Firimbi looked into a fake advertisement for jobs at the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) published on the Lillian Wekesa Facebook account, which is the same account that published the Ministry of Defense jobs ad. The fact-check also found that this account contained several other fake job posts that impersonate renowned organizations such as the Kenya Breweries Limited, the National Construction Authority and the National Youth Service.

While Kenya’s Ministry of Defense is currently recruiting, the ministry warned that members of the public should beware of recruitment information published on platforms besides their official Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as the official website.

The official recruitment process for jobs at the Ministry of Defense does not involve filling in a Google form. According to a recruitment document on the Ministry of Defense website, job candidates apply by sending their CVs to the ministry’s offices. At the same time, the deadline to apply for various job opportunities at the ministry is in February and not January 22 as indicated on the fake Facebook ad.


The Facebook post claiming to advertise jobs at Kenya’s Ministry of Defense is FAKE.

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