Is Jimi Wanjigi Running for Nairobi’s Gubernatorial Seat Under UDA as Alleged?

This poster has been making rounds across various Whatsapp groups. It claims that; businessman and politician, Jimi Wanjigi is running for Nairobi gubernatorial as a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate. Shared widely on Facebook between March 3, 2022 and March 15, 2022, this poster declared Jimi as Nairobi’s incoming governor. 


Initially going for the presidential seat under the Orange Democratic Movement Party, the Safina Party nominated Jimi Wanjigi as its flag bearer on March 9, 2022. This came at a time when he was kicked out of the party’s National Delegates Council at Kasarani on February 26, 2022. 


What reverse image searches reveal is that this poster was flagged as being fake, by a Twitter account belonging to Jimi Wanjigi on March 3, 2022. Additionally, in his bio, Jimi Wajigi describes himself, among other things, as  “Safina presidential candidate 2022.”  Still, he holds that he will be running as a, “presidential candidate for 2022 as the time for renewed and fresh leadership is now.” 

Despite attending UDA’s Kasarani meeting on March 15, 2022, Jimi Wanjigi has not declared that he will be joining UDA. 

In a tweet he says, “Yesterday I joined my friend the Deputy President William Ruto at the #UDANDC Kasarani.” As a long-time friend, he adds, “It was an honour to receive his invitation.” 

This claim has also been checked by Africa Check.


Jimi Wanjigi has NOT declared eyeing Nairobi’s gubernatorial seat under UDA.

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