Is This Facebook Page Advertising Jobs at Naivas Legitimate?

A Facebook page named ‘Naivas KENYA’ contains posts claiming to advertise an alleged January 2021 recruitment program at Naivas Supermarket.


Naivas Supermarket is one of Kenya’s biggest supermarkets dominating the chain store business in the country despite the seemingly difficult conditions that saw the fall of rival supermarkets such as Nakumatt, Choppies and Uchumi supermarkets. Recent reports indicate that Tuskys Supermarket is also on the verge of collapsing, while South African supermarket Shoprite is exiting the Kenyan market after operating for barely two years.

Research published in the Journal of Business Management and Economics found that the supermarket business in Kenya has rapidly changed since it is “no longer the preserve of the high-income consumers only”. There is currently a fiercely stiff competition for the supermarket business, with new supermarkets being set up while similar businesses such as hawking, mini-stalls and retail shops get to scramble for the same customers, the research paper states.


Information on the Naivas KENYA page contains red flags that bring the page’s legitimacy to question. According to Facebook Page Transparency, the page was initially called ‘Tuskys KENYA’.

A screenshot of the Naivas KENYA Facebook Page Transparency

A WhoIs search of the website attached to the Naivas KENYA page shows that the website was registered on Bitly and unlike the legitimate Naivas website, it does not have the Naivas domain name.

The Facebook page further contains a post claiming to advertise a recruitment program for January 2021. The post contains a Google form where interested job candidates can apparently apply.

However, a tweet published on the official Naivas Supermarket account warns that the job ad is fake.


The job ad posted on the impostor ‘Naivas KENYA’ Facebook page is FAKE.

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