Does this image show Stephen Tarus’ burnt house after his public dispute with Oscar Sudi as claimed?

This image attached to claims that Former Assistant Minister Stephen Tarus’ house was reportedly burnt down shortly after publicly disagreeing with Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi circulated on Twitter and Facebook as well as YouTube.


This report on The Star news website states that Stephen Tarus has filed a police case against Oscar Sudi for allegedly inciting residents of the Rift Valley region against him during athlete Agnes Tirop’s funeral that was held on October 23, 2021.

The incitement is said to be sparked by  Mr. Tarus’ opposition to Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential candidacy. In a broadcast by Citizen TV, Tarus emphasises that the Kenyan Constitution upholds democracy, hence any political leader should be received in any part of the country. This report also indicates that Tarus’ home was burnt down with the aim of frustrating his political affiliation to Ruto’s political rival Raila Odinga.

“Human rights enshrined in the constitution protect everyone. I would like every presidential candidate looking for votes to be received anywhere in the republic of Kenya to sell their policies,” Tarus said.



A reverse image search of the photo circulating reveals that it was first published in June 2016. Among the first publications of the image include this article on Tuko news website which covers the burning of Itiero Boys High School in Kisii County on June 25, 2016.

A screenshot from the Tuko website article


No, this image does not show Former Assistant Minister Stephen Tarus’ burnt house.

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