Does This Image Show the Disappeared MH370 Airliner as Claimed?

A query search on both Twitter and Facebook with the keywords ‘MH370’ brings up posts claiming the Malaysian Airlines’ flight MH370 was allegedly found. One for instance claims that the airplane was found under the ocean with no casualties. Another, claims it was found at the coast of Mozambique.


Flight MH370, a Malaysian passenger airliner disappeared from radar about nine years ago, on March 8, 2014, during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. It had a total of 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. In 2018, the Malaysian government commissioned Ocean Infinity to find the aircraft, but this bore no fruit. 


A reverse image search shows that this image was taken from a video shared on Instagram by an account named ‘Deep Blue Dive Centre’, belonging to a scuba diving centre located in Aqaba, Jordan. According to the Instagram post published on April 6, 2023, this Tristar airplane wreck created an artificial reef. Further results show the jet was sunk in 2019.

According to a  publication by Jordan Times, the jet was sunk by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), with the aim of encouraging dive tourism and coral growth. Another article by CNN shows that parts of the airplane now shelter numerous coral reefs. 

Despite dedication by the Malaysian government and the Oceanic Infinity, the MH370 has not been found. The marine robotics company committed to resume the search, either the end of 2023 or in 2024.

Speaking during the annual remembrance event on March 5, 2023, the company’s CEO Oliver Plunkett promised family members of the MH370 victims that he would approach the Malaysian government with evidence they had discovered.


Claims that the MH370 has been found at the coast of Mozambique are FALSE. 

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