Does This Image Show an Aerial Photo of Multimedia University?

This image shared here claims to show a ‘rare’ photo of Multimedia University of Kenya. In the caption, the user adds that the institution is ‘adjacent to the Nairobi National park’. 


The Multimedia University of Kenya is a public university based in Karen, Nairobi. The institution prides itself on being a leader in innovation and communications studies in Kenya.


A reverse image search of the image reveals several claims that the image is an aerial view of the University of Ghana. Upon searching the name contained in the watermark, it leads to an Instagram profile of Albert Chime, an Accra-based photographer.

The image in question was first shared here by Albert Chime on September 3, 2021. In the caption, the photographer identifies the structure in the image to be the University of Ghana.

A search of the University of Ghana on Google Maps shows a similar structure. See screengrab below.


The tweet claiming to show Multimedia University of Kenya is FALSE.

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