Did IEBC Upload the Wrong Form 34B for Kamukunji Constituency?

Tweets published here and here indicate that the Form 34B uploaded on the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) portal from Kamukunji constituency is not for the position of the president.


Form 34A’s and Form 34B’s from the just concluded elections are uploaded on the IEBC portal. This transparency allowed the electorate and even international observers to tally the results while awaiting for IEBC’s final announcement.

Claims of wrong information being on the IEBC portal have been circulating on social media. Piga Firimbi checked the veracity of some of these claims here.


The Form 34B is used to aggregate all presidential results from the 291 constituencies. This form shows the polling station name, station code, number of registered voters, votes garnered by each presidential candidate, the number of valid votes cast and the number of rejected votes.

On August 12, 2022, instead of uploading the correct form 34B from Kamukunji constituency, IEBC uploaded the form 35B from the said constituency. Form 35 is used to declare the election results for Members of Parliament. See screengrab below;

At polling stations, final results for MPs are recorded on Form 35A. The forms are then taken to the constituency polling station where the votes are tallied and recorded on a Form 35B. The form 35Bs submitted are then combined to create Form 35C, used to declare the parliamentary seat winner.

The commission has since rectified this error, uploading the correct Form 34B. See screengrab below;


Claims that the wrong Form 34B was uploaded under Kamukunji constituency are TRUE.

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