Does This Video Show Dead Bodies in an Indian Hospital?

This video (see below) was shared on Twitter with a claim purporting that it shows the condition of non-Muslim unclaimed dead bodies at Osmania Hospital, Hyderabad.

The video showing what appear to be bodies wrapped in white cloth piled up against the wall has been circulating online since June 24, 2020, and bears the logo of IndToday.

More of such claims can still be found on Twitter – as evidenced by this one which claims that the bodies at the said hospital are of Hindus – as well as on other platforms like TikTok.

On Facebook, the claim is that the video shows COVID-19 deaths at the said hospital.

The captions for the posts cited above are in Hindi and the explanations given above are as translated by Google.


India has so far recorded over 500,000 cases of COVID-19 and over 16,000 deaths (see up to date numbers here). In Telangana, a state in Southern India, the government is weighing options to impose lockdown in Hyderabad, the state’s capital, amid a sharp spike in the number of COVID-19 positive cases over the last few days.

State-run Osmania General Hospital in the capital is one of the oldest hospitals in India. Last year, there were reports of protests by doctors from the hospital over poor infrastructure.


A separation of the keyframes followed by reverse searches shows that the video is actually old.

IndToday shared it in on YouTube on December 25, 2013, with the caption, “Unclaimed bodies pile up at OGH mortuary | Hyderabad Osmania General Hospital”.

The description given above says that the bodies shown in the clip are unclaimed bodies which have piled up due to delay in shifting them from the mortuary.

A look through India Today’s official pages shows that they clarified the context of the video on Facebook on June 25 as seen on the screenshot below:


The video showing bodies at Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad is an old one used out of context, making the claim FALSE.

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