FAKE: This Is Not Health CS Susan Nakhumicha’s Twitter Account

By Rodgers Omondi 

The Ministry of Health has shared a different account from the one we are debunking.

Twitter account issuing statements in the name of Health Cabinet Secretary (CS) Susan Nakhumicha, is FAKE.

The account uses the name ‘Dr. Susan Nakhumicha Wafula’ and ‘@SusanNakhumicha’, while its profile photo is that of the CS. Created in September 2022, the account has 167 followers, follows 11 accounts and had posted 212 tweets as of 25 November 2022.

“Expertise in managing procure to pay Supply Chain with efficient tracking & traceability of goods which improves supply chain performance,” a description on the account’s bio section reads.

The account has made several statements including this one, suggesting that the cost of fish in Nairobi is cheaper than in Kisumu — which is a major source of fish in Kenya, probably because Nairobians are consuming fish that has been genetically modified.

But is the account legitimate? Does it really belong to the Health CS?

We checked the Ministry of Health’s verified Facebook page and Twitter account where all information regarding the docket and its leadership is shared, but there was no mention of the account we are debunking.

Instead, we found a post by the ministry sharing a different Twitter account from the one we are fact-checking.

According to the Ministry, the CS’s account is ‘CS Nakhumicha S. Wafula’ with the username ‘@Nakhumicha_S’.

We checked Nakhumicha’s Twitter account and established that it was created in January 2013, has over 3,000 followers, follows 44 accounts and has made over 300 tweets.

Unlike the account we are debunking, the CS’s official account has a bio that reads “Cabinet Secretary Health, Kenya” and a link to the ministry’s website.

On her official account, we found a post urging Kenyans to ignore any accounts impersonating the CS.

“Dear Kenyans, as we wait for Twitter @verified kindly note that this is my official Twitter handle. Kindly ignore and/or report any handles impersonating me. Thank you,” the CS tweeted.

PesaCheck has looked into a Twitter account impersonating Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha and issuing statements in her name and finds it to be FAKE.

This post is part of an ongoing series of PesaCheck fact-checks examining content marked as potential misinformation on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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