Is This Image Declaring Nana Akufo-Addo’s Presidential Win From CNN?

An image circulating on Facebook claims to show CNN News declaring Ghana’s presidential aspirant Nana Akufo-Ado as the winning candidate from the recent general elections. The image has been shared by several Facebook users, some congratulating Mr Akufo-Addo on his win.


On December 7, 2020, Ghana held its parliamentary and presidential elections. Information on the Electoral Commission of Ghana’s Twitter account indicates that there were 11 other contenders for the office of the president, up against the incumbent, Nana Akufo-Addo, who was elected in 2016.

The Electoral Commission on December 9 declared Mr Akufo-Addo the winning presidential candidate with 50.7% of the vote.


The image shared on Facebook contains glaring mistakes, such as the wrong spelling of Mr Akufo-Addo’s name. It is also inconsistent with the usual graphic design used by CNN for what appears to be a live broadcast with breaking news.

Below is an illustration of a screenshot from a video on the CNN website, showing that even the legitimate CNN logo is different from that on the image shared on Facebook.

A screenshot illustrating a legitimate image from CNN

A Google image reverse search reveals that the image is a graphic design template that can be manipulated to market businesses. This image has previously been used to promote a book and advertise a fund-raising drive.

The original image

Moreover, Fact-Check Ghana also flagged the image as fake.


The Facebook posts claiming to show that CNN declared Nana Akuffo-Ado as the winning presidential candidate are FAKE.

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