Does This Video Show Floods After the Earthquake in Turkey as Claimed?

A TikTok post, archived here, contains a video showing a flooded area, with text stating; “Turkey flood after earthquake”.


The most recent earthquakes witnessed in Turkey, on February 6, 2023, February 20, and February 27 left at least 50,000 people dead according to the New York Times. Nearly 20 earthquakes of magnitude greater than seven have struck Turkey in the past century according to the Washington Post.


Upon running the video on the Invid tool, Piga Firimbi found that it was first shared in articles here and here on December 24, 2022, with news reports indicating that it was recorded in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.


The TikTok post claiming to show floods after the earthquake in Turkey is FALSE.

This fact-check was produced by Africa Uncensored with support from Code for Africa’s PesaCheck, the International Fact-Checking Network, and the African Fact-Checking Alliance network.

Additional reporting by Thomas Mukhwana.

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