FABRICATED: This Image of Citizen TV Designating Raila Odinga as Bondo Resident Is Fake

This tweet has what appears to be a screen shot of Citizen TV news bulletin with Raila Odinga designated as mkaazi, Bondo which translates to Bondo resident.


This year’s general elections pitted the Azimio la Umoja Coalition, led by Raila Odinga, against William Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Coalition. There were high stakes for both top presidential candidates with campaigns revolving around the narrative of hustler versus dynasty. President Ruto was contesting the seat for the first time with Raila contesting for the fifth time.

Amid the campaigns, supporters of both teams rode on the rhetoric that a loss for their opponent would be like sending them packing back to their village. For instance, for Ruto’s supporters, a win was like sending Raila back to Bondo and for Raila’s supporters, a win was like sending Ruto back to Sugoi. Moreover, a section of social media users thought that a loss for either candidate would render them an ordinary citizen.


The difference in fonts between “Raila Odinga” and “mkaazi, Bondo” is a cause for suspicion.

Using a dedicated search on YouTube, Piga Firimbi established that the image from Citizen TV news bulletin has been doctored. Below is a screenshot of the correct bulletin linked here.


Citizen TV bulletin screenshot appearing to designate Raila as a ‘Bondo resident’ is FAKE.

This fact-check was produced by Africa Uncensored with support from Code for Africa’s PesaCheck, African Fact Checking Alliance network and the United Nations Development Programme.

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