Is This Survey of the Most Preferred 2022 Machakos Senatorial Candidate From Ipsos?

An image circulating on Facebook claims to be showing a survey allegedly conducted by Ipsos.

The image that contains the Ipsos logo claims to show results of a survey that apparently illustrates the most preferred senatorial candidate in Machakos County for the upcoming 2022 Kenya general elections. The supposed survey results have been published several times on Facebook including on platforms such as the UDA Party Forum group as well as the Kenyan Insider and the Kamba DigitalMedia accounts.


Ipsos is a global firm known for conducting market research, but especially popular in Kenya for conducting political polls on topical trends. With Kenya’s 2022 general elections drawing closer, political alliances and campaigns have began taking shape even as the electoral process may be altered if the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) provisions to change the constitution are passed.


The alleged Ipsos survey results declaring the most preferred senatorial candidate in Machakos County do not appear on the Ipsos website, or the Ipsos Facebook and Twitter accounts where such information would ordinarily be published.

At the same time, a tweet published on the Ipsos handle on January 26 declared the survey fake adding that it is unknown to Ipsos.


The Facebook posts claiming to show Ipsos survey results of the most preferred Machakos Senator are FALSE.

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