Is This an Aerial Shot of Eldoret Town?

This tweet shared an aerial view of a city with claims that this was a shot of Eldoret town. However, a number of replies doubt these claims. Where exactly was this image taken?


Piga Firimbi previously looked into a similar post taken out of context. This one for instance claimed to show a resort located in Kapcherop, Marakwet county. 


From a reverse image search, this aerial shot was taken in Barcelona, according to this travel blog. Similarly, the image was featured on Adobe Stock Images under a category of images of Barcelona. 

Further, zooming into this image, the Sagrada Familia in Catalonia, Spain can be spotted. This Basilica is considered a world heritage centre. 

Additionally, Google Maps reveals, the street pictured in this image is Avinguda Diagonal, one of Barcelona’s broadest streets. It cuts the city in two, with respect to the grid patterns of surrounding streets. It has Sagrada Familia to the left and the Glòries Tower to the right. 


NO, the tweet does not show an aerial shot of Eldoret town.

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