Does This Video Show a Robbery That Happened in Nairobi?

In a tweet directed to Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai, this post contains a video showing robbers mugging a man who was walking along a street. The tweet urges the inspector general to deploy police to patrol ‘CBD’, a term often used to refer to Nairobi town.

Other posts containing this video include a YouTube post titled ‘Mugged in Nairobi Kenya‘, another titled ‘Nairobi the hotspot of robbery and violence‘, ‘Nairobi Heist caught on Camera‘ as well as Facebook posts with the same claim.


Often referred to as “Nairobbery”, robbery within the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) is among criminal activities that jar the city dwellers. Victims have previously taken to social media to report their ordeal with daylight robbery in the CBD. Among the recent cases is of media personality Shiksha Arora who in this tweet explained how she was strangled and mugged in her car while in traffic.

In response to similar complaints, a tweet from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations was posted on June 21, 2021, urging the public to file formal cases with the authorities. The DCI tweet states that such cases often go unreported and that the few who may report fail to show up for court hearings, therefore suspected robbers would often “go scot-free”. The Inspector General also responded by saying that he would see to it that security in the CBD is enhanced.


A Google search of the words ‘Greengrocer sunny park 0124403328’, which appears on a wall captured in the video revealed that the store is located in the City of Pretoria, South Africa.

Images from the same Google search led to an Opera (South Africa) News article published on August 10, 2021. The article states that the video shows events that took place in Sunnyside- a district in South Africa, located in the City of Pretoria, Gauteng Province.

The article cites a Facebook post as the source of the video. A Facebook search of some keywords used in the Opera News article revealed that the video began circulating on August 7, 2021. Among the first Facebook accounts to have published the video was a page called South Africa Daily. Another Facebook post published on August 8 would also reveal that the footage is from Sunnyside, Pretoria.


The video showing a robbery is actually from South Africa, therefore claims that it is from Nairobi are FALSE.


This story was produced by Africa Uncensored in partnership with Code for Africa with support from Deutsche Welle Akademie.

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