Are Kenyan Mobile Operators Running a Promotion Offering Free Data Bundles for 30 Days?

These screenshots (see the above-featured image as well as below) show the contents of messages making the rounds on WhatsApp as well as the site from which they originate of claims to the effect that Kenyans may be eligible for free data – 11GB – from any service provider.


With the financial effects of COVID-19 being felt by Kenyans from all walks of life, people are turning to any opportunity that could offer some financial relief. With one in five Kenyans having access to the internet, data costs have become a basic need in most Kenyan households with service providers competing fiercely to gain a higher market share.


The above promotion works by one clicking on the link which sends you to their website. The site then indicates that one has been chosen and have the opportunity to receive 11GB for a period of the 30 days that follow from any operator, with 1976 free packages left. One is then asked to select the number of days they would like to use the free internet.

By clicking on one of the two choices, a pop up occurs redirecting users to a new website while nothing further happens to the current open page.

The first suspicious giveaway is that the website is hosted on Blogspot, a Google-owned free blogging platform. There is also no mention of any specific mobile service provider. In Kenya, all the mobile operators run promotions separately and information on the same is available on their own social media accounts and through mass media such as radio and TV ads. The said promotion was also not listed on the website of any Kenyan network operator or official social media accounts.

Furthermore, all prize-giving promotions in Kenya require permits from the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) which gives a Prize Competition Permit as per Section 59 A of the Kenyan Constitution after meeting all the requirements.

This kind of scam is an exact replica of the COVID-19 relief funds scam we highlighted a few weeks earlier. The website has the same design with changes in the wording only.

Scams such as this one prey on the gullibility of internet users especially where there seem to be significant financial gains.


The above link is fake and not from any authoritative source that can be trusted. This kind of scams are used to spread computer viruses, promote other websites, or even steal sensitive user data. For your own safety, please refer to  WhatsApp’s recommended safety measures.

The claim that you can get free 11 GB data bundle from any service provider in Kenya is therefore FALSE.

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