Is This Citizen TV Record of William Ruto’s Votes in Kiambu Constituency Accurate?

By Nancy Oseur

This Facebook post by Robert Alai claims that Kiambu Constituency, with  87,076 registered voters recorded the following results in the August 2022 general elections: Valid votes cast 56,546 out of which Raila Odinga got 14,860, William Ruto 51,050, David Waihiga 318 and George Wajackoyah 318, with 392 votes being rejected.


According to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)  voter statistics, the central part of Kenya garnered 3.1 million registered voters in the 2022 elections. These statistics make it appealing to various leaders who believed that the region was a swing vote. Some claimed that Raila Odinga would garner more votes due to what was termed as “the Martha effect”.

“Raila has never had votes from Mt. Kenya, but he will this time due to the “Martha Effect” said Jubilee Party’s VVice Chair, David Murathe.


Attached to Alai’s post was a video showing the same claim as shared by Citizen TV.

However, according to the form 34B on the IEBC portal, the legitimate tally of votes cast in Kiambu Constituency was as follows;  total valid votes were 56,546, Raila Odinga- 14,760 not 14,860 and William Ruto- 41,050 as opposed to the 51,050 that was reported by Citizen TV. The attached video from Citizen TV was also shared on Citizen TV’s official Facebook account.

See screengrab of the official tally below.


Citizen TV’s post on the number of votes cast for William Ruto in Kiambu Constituency is MISLEADING.

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