Does This Video Show Recent Anti-war Protests in Moscow?

This video alleged to be from Moscow has been making rounds with claims that it shows what happened at a protest. A tweet, which has so far been pulled down, alleged that the video showed residents of Moscow in an anti-war rally. The same video, shared on Facebook, applauded the protesters for bravely showing up to rally against the war.


Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Aljazeera says, “several journalists were also detained, as were children bringing the total to 13,000 arrests in 140 cities since the war began.”


A reverse image search reveals that this video was shared online as early as January 23, 2021. This according to another video shared on YouTube was a protest staged against the arrest of Moscow’s opposition leader, Alexei Navalny.


This video does NOT show recent protests in Moscow, Russia. 

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Nyakerario Omari

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