Is Safaricom Giving Away Kshs 9,000 on Its 30th Anniversary?

This link circulating on WhatsApp claims to offer Kshs 9,000 to people who fill out a questionnaire. Information on the site indicates that the money is apparently being offered by Safaricom in celebration of its 30th anniversary. The site further contains the Safaricom logo and an image of a Safaricom store.


A Piga Firimbi analysis titled ‘COVID-19 and the Proliferation of Lockdown Relief Package Scams’ covers the surge in online scams during the pandemic. The report states that WhatsApp has been among the top channels where misinformation is spread, especially due to its end-to-end encrypted feature that makes it difficult to trace fake news.

Safaricom, being the most popular telecommunications channel, has previously been used in spreading misinformation. Such includes a WhatsApp post that claimed Safaricom was running a Christmas Promotion awarding Kshs 7,000 and another post claiming that Safaricom was supposedly offering cash gifts to loyal subscribers.


This promotion does not appear on Safaricom’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, or its website.

A WhoIs search of the link shared on WhatsApp revealed that the website was registered on April 22, 2021, while the registrant’s details were concealed using the Privacy Guardian tool.

In response to concerns about the promotion, Safaricom cautioned the public not to participate in the survey, as it is a scam. Safaricom further issued a statement warning against sharing information from sources purporting to be Safaricom, as all their social media accounts- where they share news, updates, or promotions- are verified.

Claims that Safaricom is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary are also inaccurate, seeing as it marked its 20th anniversary in October 2020.


The link claiming to offer Ksh9,000 for Safaricom’s 30th anniversary is FAKE.


This story was produced by Africa Uncensored in partnership with Code for Africa with support from Deutsche Welle Akademie.


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