Does This Video Show Victims of the Recent Explosion in Uganda

A day after Uganda experienced a suicide bombing, this tweet shared a graphic video that seems to show victims of this blast. Piga Firimbi sought to establish the authenticity of the video.


On the morning of November 16, 2021, Uganda reported twin blasts in Kampala, the city’s capital. So far, the Islamic State claims responsibility for this attack which led to the deaths of at least three people and left 33 others hospitalised.

According to Reuters, the attackers were Ugandans. More bombs have been found in different parts of the country, with a fourth attacker arrested and an explosive vest recovered.


The earliest results from a reverse image search show a screengrab from this video was shared on the Nairaland Forum on November 8, 2021. According to this site, this accident happened in Nigeria.

Additionally, later, on November 11, 2021, this video was shared under #FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow with no particular information of when and where this video was taken.


NO, this video does not show victims of the recent bomb attack in Uganda.



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