Is This Job Ad for a Swahili-Speaking Doctor at Aga Khan Hospital Legitimate?

An image circulating on Twitter claims to advertise for the position of a Swahili-speaking doctor at the Aga-Khan University Hospital in Kenya.

The ad that has further been republished by different Twitter users claims that the hospital apparently seeks Swahili-speaking doctors due to the alleged influx of Swahili-speaking patients at the Parklands branch. Candidates are directed to send applications to an email address provided in the job announcement by March 5, 2021.



The Aga Khan University Hospital is a globally acclaimed institution, whose job announcements would ideally gain a lot of traction. The institution is also a training hospital, with various branches in Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi in Kenya.

Such renowned government organizations as the Aga Khan University Hospital have been a target for job scams as Piga Firimbi has previously debunked fake job advertisements at NHIF, the Ministry of Defense, Kenya Ports Authority and the National Construction Authority.

Social media users are therefore advised to ensure they visit organizations’ websites to verify job announcements as opposed to fully relying on social media posts from unverified accounts.


There is no mention of a Swahili-speaking doctor vacancy on the Aga Khan University’s careers page found on the institution’s website, neither is it mentioned on their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

On the contrary, a tweet published on the Aga Khan University Hospital’s handle indicates that the advert is fake, adding that all job opportunities are ordinarily shared on their careers page.


The job advertisement for Swahili-speaking doctors circulating on Twitter is FAKE.

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